October 26th, 2006

dead wombat

This is going to hurt

I like doctors who are up front about the pain involved in a procedure. I'd much rather be told that there's going to be pain now while they're shooting a bunch of local anesthetic into my toe so I don't feel it when they start hacking on the nail, slicing off the proudflesh, and doing all the stuff that would have me gnawing through the leather strap if this was going on back in the days when Richard Sharpe & Patrick Harper walked the earth. Anyway, the work went fairly well; the podiatrist trimmed the daylights out of my other toenails as well, and trimmed out some stuff I didn't even know was there. All the hacking means I have to stay home and keep the foot elevated, though. Another day of PTO down the drain.

So it's back to bed with a copy of Sharpe's Company to keep me company.