October 25th, 2006


He is handling the money, he's serving the food

I need to learn to be more patient when I'm cooking and turn the heat down more, especially when I'm frying things. While humans are carbon-based life forms, most of us really prefer our food to be cooked as opposed to burned...which means that I really do need to stand over the hamburgers and keep an eye on them lest they become excessively carbonadoed. At least the Tater Tots baked up well, though they (and the ketchup) did my blood sugar no good.

Leg's less swollen today, but the air is unusually dry and cold in the EBNEBWHQ this morning, even with the door to the print room closed. Tea is helping, but it still feels like I have a big cold stone in the middle of my chest, and it hurts a litle when I breathe. This can't be good.

Elsewhere in the world, Michael Fumento tees off on his fellow journalists for what Confederate Yankee scathingly terms hemorrhoid reporting, and Austin Bay does lunch with the SecDef.
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a tale of two box lunches

There are people who like mushrooms, and people who do not. I am one of the latter. Imagine my horror at opening the Weight Watchers "Truth About Carbs" Beef Pot Roast and finding that not only was it bereft of any potatoes (key to any well-bred pot roast meal) but that it was infested with all manner of allegedly edible fungi, some of them sliced in a sufficiently deceptive manner as to mimic actual pieces of beef. Eeeeeuuuuwww! The Chief Wombat gives this box two extremely annoyed thumbs down for a grade of F, with no brownie points for the presence of cauliflower or carrots.

Now, on the other paw, we have the Weight Watchers Southwest Style Adobo Chicken. This has a decent amount of chicken, swimming in a piquant chile sauce, and combined with a sufficiency of rice . The rice is garnished with bits of corn and the occasional bean or two by way of reminding you that this is somebody at Heinz Food Labs' idea of nonthreatening Mexican food, and serves quite nicely to mop up the remaining sauce after one has finished the chicken. Quite a tasty use of 280 calories, or 5 points if you're on the WW flex plan; all told I give this particular box an A-minus, with points off for the minor annoyance of having to stir the chicken halfway through.
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Work in progress

I started a large essay on the history and benefits of Christian evangelism in Europe and the Americas, which partially comes from discussions with phoenixalpha and materia_indigo and also from some thinking about Victor Davis Hanson's book Carnage and Culture, which while primarily a book on military history also touches (unavoidably) on broader issues of culture and Western Civilization. Thing is, there's parts of the essay that aren't making sense to me, which probably means I need to organize my thoughts better, do more reading, or maybe both. Whatever the end result, I doubt it's going to make a lot of the pagans on my f-list terribly happy, but that can't be helped.

No cooking tonight, just a mashing together of various odds n' ends into a can of tuna. Now I have to get my butt in motion so I can get my books back to the library on time and maybe check some out while I'm at it.