October 23rd, 2006


Misadventures in bachelor cooking

P.J. O'Rourke to the contrary, renaming the burned broccoli cheese soup "Cajun Broccoli Au Gratin" doesn't make it taste any better, but the first cup or so wasn't bad - considering that I used it as topping for a nuked baking potato. The rest goes in the trash since I don't want to clog up the toilet.

The leg hurts less today, although it's still swollen to the point where putting on the support stocking is a major PITA. Still a little tender, still a little warmer than normal, but the Levaquin is definitely in the driver's seat and thrashing away. In a couple of days everything should be pretty much back to normal. It got in the way a little bit during work today, but I still managed to crank out the balancing and have all the entries done by mid-afternoon despite occasional wobbliness.

Going to hit the rack early. Tomorrow, many tacos will be eaten and the Potato Oles Bravo will be abjured, for change is good.