October 20th, 2006


So I tried hard not to think

I guess I'm going to wind up burning some PTO today anyway, since I either slept through the alarm this morning or it was set wrong, or some damn thing - whatever happened, I didn't wake up until about half an hour ago.

You know it's going to be a screwed-up day anyway when you're in the middle of an exchange of LJ comments with a cute Ukrainian gal half your age - and it's about matyorshchina. #^_^#

Well, whatever else happens, there'll be ribs at the end of the day with jamestrainor and phoenixalpha, because it's his birthday. I'd invite my mom, because it's her birthday too, but she's a whole time zone away and needs ribs from Famous Dave's like she needs a hole in the head.

With that, into the shower and off to work. I think I'll hit McDonald's on the way to the bus.
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Even though NASA say we out of line

There's a discussion on narrowing one's focus as a blogger over at the Althouse blog, specifically in reference to Steven Bainbridge, who is apparently swearing off punditry for the duration and restricting himself to business law. I think if that's what Bainbridge wants to do, then fine, but Ann is right: in the long term it's better for you as a person to keep some flexibility and talk about other things as well. God knows there are probably dozens of constitutional law blogs out there, but I prefer Althouse to, say, The Volokh Conspiracy because the mix of topics is more to my liking. She's not all law and politics all the time.

Weird incident #1: I'd gotten e-mails while I was out regarding the department's "holiday party", which is going to be at Buca this year; the e-mails asked me to pick two pasta choices to be served. I blew them both off, since I liked all the options and didn't really care which were served. Not choosing was denied to me, though, as two of the party committee members (both young women in their 20s, I should note) visited my cube and insisted that I had to vote "because it was real close!". I looked at them and said, "I don't have any preference, really- but I am open to bribery." Giggling ensued, and then they replied in unison "Fettucini alfredo." Women and their creamy pasta dishes. Hmmm.

Weird incident #2: My boss mistook me for a bear - no, not the kind that hangs out at the Bolt, the kind that lives in the woods and eats stupid people. Yes, I am rather large and dressed all in black, but really...

Weird incident #3: While standing with P at the Caribou, I was approached by a young woman waving a BYOB coupon who announced, "I don't have a partner; would you like to share my coupon?" I politely refused (while P practically gagged from biting her tongue) since I had one of my own. Later, when we were seated with our drinks at a safe distance, I asked P "What was that all about? I mean, I'm flattered and all, but...?" P replied, "She was giving you The Look." "Ah," I nodded. "I wish I'd noticed that. I could have leaned over and in a very loud whisper informed her that you were my daughter." "Heh. That's why she was being discreet about it."

I have now reached my weirdness limit for the day and will remain dug in at my cube until it's safe to some out again.
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