October 12th, 2006

dead wombat

...at the Body Shop and the Marble Arch...

Don't I wish. No, I've wasted an hour yesterday and an hour today dealing with administrivia, and the worst part about yesterday's meeting was having to watch a DVD of one manager's trip to Cancun, which she got by winning the Service Star award. Yay, somebody else's vacation movie mixed with lots of corporate propaganda. Thank goodness I had my TX with me for distraction, or I would have gouged my eyes out. Today's waste of time was dedicated to my mid-year review. Yeah, I'm unmotivated, lazy, and prone to calling in sick. I'm also SHORT, so I don't much care what the Evil Banking Neighbor thinks about my performance at this point. All I want to do is get though February, cash in my options, and nail down a job for next fall somewhere in Virginia. Preferably in some part of the state where I can actually afford to live and make progress on my bills.

Went to bed early (well, 11 PM) last night, filled with ennui and drained of enthusiasm. Today's forecast: more of the same, with laundry and cataloging predicted for this evening since I want a clean sweatshirt and jeans for tomorrow. Think I'll stay in and not head out to the laundromat, since I only have the two items to deal with.

Can I get an AMEN!

I find it ironic that I'm hearing about this from Cobb:
The Pope is taking steps to revive the ancient tradition of the Latin Tridentine Mass in Catholic churches worldwide, according to sources in Rome.

Pope Benedict XVI is understood to have signed a universal indult — or permission — for priests to celebrate again the Mass used throughout the Church for nearly 1,500 years. The indult could be published in the next few weeks, sources told The Times.

This absolutely rules. I don't care so much about the implications for bringing the Lefevrists and other "more Catholic than the Pope" types back into the fold; I'm all about the power and the majesty of the ritual. Rock on, your Holiness!

EDIT: I probably would have seen this at Captain Ed's place, but this morning I skipped my usual round of blogs so I could catch the early bus.

In Soviet Union, furnace fixes you!

I'd planned to hang out at home tonight, do laundry, and catalogue books, but due to the situation at P's that went out the window because she needed a lift to someplace that sold space heaters and comforters. That place turned out to be K-Mart, where they had all manner of small electric heaters for cheap and quite a few Martha Stewart comforters that weren't, to say nothing of the Home Essentials comforters & quilts that weren't either. Window shrink-wrap kits were also spurned since P has no hair dryer. I dropped her off at her place (blood in her eyes and plans of vengeance on the landlord in her head) and headed home; I'd picked up a new bucket of Folger's since I'm getting kind of low on coffee.

Got a letter from St. Mary's informing me that I'm not on half-time status any more and have to do a Financial Aid exit interview, but according to WebTools I'm still showing as carrying 4 credits in the current class. So unless they know something I don't (which is certainly possible) I should be able to get this cleared up by calling them and telling them to take a look at WebTools themselves because I'm still on board with the Childrens' Lit class.

Feeling tired but not all that sleepy, so I guess I'll start cataloging the books in the bedroom with the TX. It needs to be plugged in to recharge anyway, and I left the recharger in the bedroom, so that seems like the logical thing to do.