October 4th, 2006

Boss Coffee

Just like a jewel shines in the night

Whenever I think my life sucks, all I have to do is look at LJ. divalea's house burned down and took nine of her pets with it (and her new neighbors are ASSHATS), onsen_mark's mother just died, and materia_indigo, well, let's just say she's had better years. That just scratches the surface - I could go on and add quite a few people to this list. So I don't have a lot of room to be complaining.
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Finally, an observation: it's a waste of time looking for cheerful icons in the utena_icons community. What was I thinking?

Library run

I was going to start on the 21 books project this afternoon at work, but my boredom was interrupted by a chain of Wikipedia entries related to the first book on the list. So the first triad will be delayed until tomorrow, since I don't want to work on that at home...P wants to go to bed early, I do too, and if I get started on writing about books & what they mean to me I could be here most of the night.

So: now that I've finished dinner, it's off to drop off library books at Edina, since Penn-Lake closes early on Wednesdays.