October 3rd, 2006

Boss Coffee

She doesn't care whether or not he's an island

A must-read interview: Weird Al at Retro Crush. (Ann's culture brings all the boys to the yard. ~_^)

I feel this way myself about bookshelves and the books people have in their personal libraries. (Rachel)

Cobb asks, if it's okay for Jackass 2, why isn't it okay for Al Qaeda and other nutcase jihadis?

BBC reveals smoking gun about Pope's secret coverup of pedophilia! Only it's not a coverup and it's no secret. As Kathy Shaidle observes while guestblogging at Kate's place, though, they suckered Rosie O'Donnell. Not that that's too difficult.
dead wombat

No excuses

This was another bad week on the scale - not as bad as last week, but still not good. I tacked on 2.8 pounds since last week, and while there are reasons for this, none of them are particularly good ones. I could have gotten more rest. I could have made better food choices over Arcana weekend. I could have gotten more walking in during the week. Well, tomorrow is another day, and it will be a good day to get back on the horse.

Meanwhile, back on the baseball track, an interesting examination of individualism v. team effort in the land known for its emphasis on what's good for the team. (Colby).

As a contingency against the failure of the Carbon, I've been checking prices on SD memory cards after jolest informed me that any card, not just the ones from Palm, would be fine in the TX's card slot. This 4GB card, for example, would hold over 80% of what I have on the Carbon now for only $99, and I could pick up smaller cards for far less. Beats the hell out of spending almost $200 forthis excessively trendy appliance, no?

America to the Press: The Truth Is Out Here

Tom Wolfe has advice for the New York and L.A. Press:
Tom Wolfe says a jarring scene he recently witnessed in Tennessee convinced him that writers who live in New York and on the Left Coast are out of touch with the rest of the country. In the upcoming book, "Telling True Stories," the "Bonfire of the Vanities" novelist says he watched in amazement at a NASCAR race last month as a National Rifle Association honcho got a rousing standing ovation, and was followed by a minister who "asked the Lord to look out for these brave drivers and these loyal fans... in the name of Thy Only Son, Christ Jesus." Writes Wolfe: "Anyone who introduced an event that way in San Francisco or New York would risk arrest for a hate crime. New York writers really must cross the Hudson River, and writers in Los Angeles really must go as far as the San Joaquin Valley. Most of the meaning of America lies in between the coasts, I'm afraid."

Steven Spruiell comments: "I think most coastal writers are vaguely aware of this America, the way most Americans are vaguely aware of places like Djibouti."

After enduring what passes for reportage from the Minneapolis Star Tribune, which I once characterized as "a corn-fed version of the Washington Post"*, I'm positive that the problem is not unique to the New York and Los Angeles press.

*I no longer do this; it does the Post a grave disservice.