September 22nd, 2006

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No go, Citgo

Yesterday on Rush Limbaugh one of the callers suggested that he call for a boycott of Citgo (which is 100% owned by the state-owned Venezuelan oil company PDVSA) in response to Hugo Chavez' antics at the UN and in Harlem, but Rush declined. He said that talk show hosts used to call for such things as a demonstration of their power, but he felt that the conservative grassroots were perfectly capable of organizing such things on their own. (He didn't quite say "Old and burnt - new hotness", but it was pretty evident that's how he felt about it.)

Well, lo and behold, the Northern Alliance steps up to the plate. I won't have much trouble going along with this, since my loyalty to SA is bought and paid for (HHO1/2K), but as Mitch Berg says, it'll help nudge me to go elsewhere when the tank gets low and there's a Citgo nearby. Besides, it'll help offset all the Common Dreams types who think helping subsidize the populist, proto-Communist corruption of Chavez' Bolivarismo is a good idea.

We've been through the thick

Now this looks like one heck of an interesting book, especially for someone like myself who cut his teeth on H. Irving Hancock's tales of Dick Prescott and biographies of West Point luminaries such as MacArthur and Patton. People tend to associate Custer and Pickett with the military disasters that cost them (and a lot of their subordinates) their lives, while forgetting that both men had quite distinguished careers as heroes. I'll let you know if it's all the reviews have made it out to be, unless somebody out there beats me to it.

die now

Lindsey Graham brings the stupid. Again.

Apparently this idiot forgot that the thing in the Constitution (which he swore to uphold and defend like the other 534 Congresscritters) that says Senators and Congressmen can't hold down some other government job while they're busy running the government into the ground applies to him too.

Of course, he's in pretty good company when it comes to not understanding the plain English that the Constitution is written in. Dumb bastard. I hear he wants to be President, too. Jesus wept. Isn't one St. John McCain enough?