September 19th, 2006

Boss Coffee

Adventures with Schrodinger's cat futures

Haven't looked at the childrens' lit book yet - came home yesterday and had to go back out for prescriptions, and by the time I got home I was too tired to do more than suck up the last of the yogurt, read a chapter of The Wolf Worlds, and fall asleep around 2100. This is what I get for sleeping in until 1200 on Sunday.

Got hold of the Associate Dean at St. Mary's yesterday and set an appointment for next Wednesday bright and early at 0800. Since I also have a doctor's appointment at 1100, I took the morning off. I get kind of a positive vibe from the Associate Dean; it sort of sounds like he wants to keep me in the school, but we'll see how things work out. In the meantime I need to get this damn textbook read, crank out some reflections, and think real hard about how I'm going to approach the instructor about putting more of a 9-12 spin on this literature thing. I think if I have to be around K-6 books from now until December it will do very very bad things to my head and contribute to antisocial behavior on my part. Well, more than I already exhibit, yahmeen?

The bed has taken to conspiring against me. Last night when I inflated it it remained nice and rigid when I climbed on, and I fell asleep happily imagining that it would remain so. No such luck. Woke up at 0545 with just a thin double layer of deflated mattress between my ass and the carpeted floor, and at that point there was nothing to do but get up and shower. It could be worse - I could be in North Korea. Time to head in to work.
Boss Coffee

One step back

So I gained a pound this past week. Not too surprising, considering how much dining out I've been doing lately, and how often I stuffed myself. Well, it should be easier to get back on the horse this week, since I won't be eating out so much with P out of town. I can stay home and gnaw on sandwiches and ramen. ^_^

I'm in an oddly positive mood this morning. Maybe being busy at work is keeping me from dwelling on all the crap flying around; maybe the deflating gas prices are offsetting the persistent deflation of my air mattress. Maybe it's just that I got a decent night's sleep and am off in a few minutes to pillage the sushi place. ~_^
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