September 17th, 2006

Boss Coffee

Cleanup in the hard disk aisle

Friday night nothing happened. P, as usual, was working overtime, and had an appointment at Eye of Horus afterwards. So I fueled the Kia at the SA on Lyndale, got a couple of hot dogs by way of dinner, and sat around reading Man-Kzin Wars IX while waiting. We headed home and I crashed early.

Woke up at 0800 on Saturday, and since P was working overtime we headed downtown and did breakfast at Keys. She wound up shelling out $35 (including tip) but then she did order the "Build Your Own" omelet; there were also a number of substitutions and additional items, and the regrettable cinnamon roll. Why do I say regrettable? OMG, the sugar caked onto this thing was so thick I had to scrape it off before I could even think of eating was thick enough to deserve the title of icing. The rest of the food was very good and the service was likewise, despite the fact that the place was packed -probably on account of the Gophers game, given how many of the other diners were wearing U regalia.

The rest of the day/afternoon was largely wasted. I spent the afternoon getting my Civicrack fix, cleaning old crap out of Cowzilla, and futzing around until 1600 when P called and reminded me to come get her; this was a surprise as I'd thought she was working until 5. Went to get her and then dozed in the Sportage while she hiked around Eloise Butler; we then went off to Fuddrucker's for burgers and then home. I felt logy from the huge burger, but pulled myself together and headed out to do laundry. A stop at Walmart for coffee, duct tape and razors ensued, patching of the mattress at home followed, but alas it was still deflated this morning. :( Well, I only have to put up with it until Saturday, and then it's futon time. At least this morning I have coffee.

This afternoon will be partially spent reading Trollope while waiting for P to do clothes shopping, but I don't think she'll take more than a handful of chapters.
the mark


Went to see Snakes On A Plane tonight with jamestrainor, and it was better than I was expecting. I definitely see where they could have cut a couple of scenes (or left out dialogue) to make it PG-13 and brought home the barrels of bucks they were expecting after all the fanboy hype. That having been said, this was a decent B movie, loaded with action movie cliches and with just enough side story to keep things hopping. Recommended.
Also recommended is the cavernous C-1 Buffet in Brookyn Park, which has a gigantic selection of Chinese and American steam-table favorites, including Huge Roast Beast Parts, Chicken in Peanut Sauce (my personal downfall) and apple pie that appeared to have the same flaky crust as the Philly steak roll/calzone thingy. Extra credit granted for the genetically modified grapes, which were the size of cherry tomatoes, and the presence of Coke products. Two thumbs (and chopsticks) up!