September 14th, 2006

Boss Coffee


It's been rescheduled this year, partially (I think) because it conflicted with the MCBA Fallcon; it's now September 29 - October 1 at the former Holiday Inn Express Bandana Square, which is now a Best Western. I'm not on the concom this year, but I'm still going despite the fact that this month's AD staff meeting falls on the Saturday afternoon right smack in the middle of the convention. So it goes. The StippleAPA collation will be going on at the convention, which is another reason I'll be missing the staff meeting...

Anyway, the whole point of this post was to promote the fact that the concom is extending the pre-reg deadline to 9/22, so you can either get me a check for $25 or wait until the following Friday and cough up an extra $5, since the walk-up rate is only $30. I've been going there for a few years now, and I think that it may well be my favorite local convention, Detour and Convergence notwithstanding. If you're into horror and dark fantasy, you really ought to stop by; if you're not, pass the word to your friends who are.
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This, that, and the other thing

Mitch Berg usually has his ducks in a row, but he screwed the pooch this morning with his post on proposed library cuts in Minneapolis. I don't know about St. Paul, but in Minneapolis the libraries aren't part of the city government. They're a separate governmental entity with its own taxing authority, just like the Park Board and the public schools. So lumping them in with those other three bands of tax thieves (actually, I should cut the park board some slack - they appear to do a fairly decent job) is not only unfair but just plain wrong.

Always falling, but never quite going splat...Air America rumored to be going into bankruptcy, according to the leftyblog, although Brian Maloney at the Radio Equalizer blog thinks Soros or some other sugar daddy will keep them staggering along a little longer. Meanwhile, the New York Sun reports that the Gloria Wise Boys & Girls Club, which former Air America director Evan Cohen ripped off to the tune of $875,000, is still waiting for Air America to deposit that money into escrow. Air America denies the bankruptcy rumors, but it's a pretty weak denial. Ace has the best headline on the story, as well as the best reason for the zombie network's failure:
"The real reason Air America failed is that there was already an Air America on the dial, a little known outfit called NPR."

Closer to home, neither the TX nor the childrens' lit text are here, but the associate dean finally called me back and wants to get together and discuss my appeal...I may be reading too much into what he said in the voice mail, but it sounds like he might be open to leaving me in the school until next summer, just not in the MAI program. OTOH, they've had quite a dropoff in people taking those courses, so who knows? I'll call him back tomorrow and set a time to talk about it.

Finished the A. E. van Vogt novels on Monday, all of the Demon Princes novels except Star King, and am currently dividing my attention between Vance's novel and Anthony Trollope's Barchester Towers. This is the first time I've read anything by Trollope, though I've been meaning to look into his novels ever since I saw my grandpa Trainor reading The Warden many years ago. Should be interesting period pieces, if nothing else.

Tonight, P works overtime, I hang around the office because it makes no sense to go home, come back, go home, pop up to Nordeast for the CVG programming thing, and then finally go home to crash . Might as well clip some time & space off that loop.

Some days, I'd rather be at the branch office on XK-Masada.

When "batshit crazy" doesn't BEGIN to describe it...

Ran across this post by Teresa Nielsen-Hayden while looking for something a little more specific on a possible future job site (sic) and made the mistake of reading through the comments.

I should have known better.

How can you have any kind of a constructive dialogue with people like this, who apparently can't comprehend their native language enough to understand the point of a story written in their favorite genre? "A Colder War" is a simple retelling of the Iran-Contra affair in a world where Lovecraft's nightmares are all too real. That's it. Trying to draw connections between that story and anything in the current political situation here in the E.E.U.U. says volumes about how fucked in the head some people are...and they say the G.O.P. is "the stupid party"? I dunno, maybe this is somekind of rarefied political humor I don't get because I'm the ostensible butt of it, like those "Republicans for Voldemort" items a couple years back, but it seems to me that anyone coming up with a phrase like "Lovecraftian Republicans" doesn't understand Lovecraft or Republicans very well.