September 13th, 2006


No, I don't believe in circumstance, no more

Apropos of a discussion qob and I were having, LT Smash and the lads talk to some Code Pink folks.

On a related topic, Jonah Goldberg discusses conspiracy theories and their advocates.

Via Rachel, with hot Elsa Lanchester stylin' in between the above posts.

Possibly related: Keith Ellison wins the DFL congressional primary in the 5th District. He ought to fit right in with Maxine Waters, Major Owens and the rest of the crackhead members of the CBC. (Mitch)

Athanasius Is My Homeboy

I stumbled over this post on Gnosticism in a sidebar over at Cobb's joint and it got me to mulling over the whole question of what's kosher, theologically speaking, and what isn't. Now, I'm coming at this from a Catholic perspective, so if you want to critique it on those grounds that's fine. OTOH, if you're going to answer back based on what the rabbi said or what your Lutheran minister said then please STFU or take it to your own LJ, because I don't want to get all Anne Rice on your ass for misinterrogating my text.
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