September 12th, 2006

Boss Coffee

The final survivor of your heart's ghost town

Stopped at Uncle Hugo's for the first time in a while last night while waiting for P to get done with her overtime, talked with Ken Fletcher about fandom and manga and the new Harlequin romances that are like training wheels for Laurell K. Hamilton's pr0nographic horror fantasies, and the surprisingly sizable collection of Napoleonic War novels that Uncle Edgar's has squirreled away amongst the police prodedurals and other mysteries. (For that matter, I could probably fill out my collection of Don Pendleton's magnum opus (sic) there as well, but that's another guilty pleasure for another time.) Anyway, it wasn't all conversation. I dropped about fifty bucks on the two-volume Demon Princes collection, Joan Vinge's Heaven Chronicles, A. E. van Vogt's Empire of the Atom and The Wizard of Linn and finally a replacement copy of For Us, The Living, for I must pay my debt to society - or at least the County Library - someday.

The rest of the evening is left as an exercise for the reader.

Random notes

No TX and no text in the mailbox today. Since I need the textbook for this week's assignment, and I'm damned tired, I'm just going to punt class and go home.

Mattress has sprung a leak, so I guess I'll be shopping for a futon and a pedestal to put it on, since I'm getting too old to be sleeping on the floor. Actually, shopping will be postponed until tomorrow, when I'll find out if/when Depth of Field is going to get the bed I want into stock. Possible alternatvies are IKEA and WalMart but not Target, which perversely enough has several nice-looking, affordable pedestal beds - just not in the right size. :(

P will be putting in sixty hours this week, including an extra 8 hours this weekend. Her paycheck will be mighty, but what good is a paycheck if you're not around to spend it? [g]

I need to rip the Alice Cooper and Brothers Gee CDs, so that the Carbon can someday shuffle up "Immolation for the Lord" followed by "Kiss HIm Goodbye"...and now it's time to go.