September 4th, 2006


Papal humor

While driving on I-94 Saturday I saw what (apparently) is a hybrid bumper sticker proclaiming:


Went looking for it today so I could post a link, but had no luck. On the other hand, I did find this T-shirt.

I want one sooo bad. ^___^

Gratuitous updating, with a side order of death

revolutionaryjo is bored at work and has asked for her friends to update, so this is me updating.

Depiste my best intentions, I was up until after 0300 finishing C.J. Cherryh's Tripoint, one of the better "postwar" novels in her Alliance/Union universe. It's probably the best example I can think of (outside of Steven Barnes' work, that is) of creating characters by taking normal people and breaking them in different ways. None of the main characters have their heads screwed on quite straight, and even the "villain" characters turn out to have very good reasons for the way they act. Hell, even the off-screen villains who come into play have motivations you can understand. It's a really good book, right up there with Downbelow Station in my opinion.

And from Steve's blog, I learned that Robert Sheckley has died. Another author I grew up with gone. *sigh* Well, damn. Most people in fandom probably won't miss him as much as they will Steve Irwin, but I think he was a damn sight funnier. Any idiot can wrestle crocodiles, but not everyone can write "Cordle to Onion to Carrot". On the other hand, without Steve Irwin there would be no Digger, but I'd like to think Ursula Vernon would have been inspired by some other grumpy marsupial.

Today is Trash Day at the Trainor Residence, laundry will probably be done tonight, and tomorrow it's back to work. Tomorrow night I have "language arts methods" class. Considering the number of panels I've done (and moderated) on SF topics this is mostly a matter of getting my ticket punched, but then that's the way I approached the social studies methods class, and look how that turned out. Two more semesters and it's all over but the job hunting.

It's on the rocks...and the fish

My fantasy team made it through the weekend clinging to 5th place, just one point ahead of the 6th place team. Having David Ortiz, Scott Kazmir and Tim Wakefield out of action has really hurt, and so has Carlos Silva reverting to form. For a while there I was gaining ground in ERA, but then he and Gil Meche (what a waste of a roster spot he was) started stinking up the I booted them off today and replaced them with Jeff Francis of the Rockies (who starts tomorrow night at the Pods) and Josh Johnson of the Marlins, who starts Wednesday against the Snakes. Both of them have ERA in the 3's, and hopefully neither of them will burst into flames this week.

Off to do a little hiking, and then laundry.
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