August 28th, 2006


Expecting to fly, waiting to fall

Life is being a tad awkward at the moment. I'm short on sleep - for some reason, in spite of going to bed at a reasonable hour last night, I could not get to sleep until around 0100 - and the situation with St. Mary's has me more than a little on edge. What I do over the next year depends heavily on whether they decide to boot me out or let me hang around taking courses, and I have no way of knowing which way the asociate dean is going to jump. For that matter, I haven't gotten a formal notification of my fall from academic grace yet, or any kind of acknowledgement that my Social Studies Methods instructor got my (late) work. Things are very much up in the air, and it makes me uneasy, because my financial affairs are rather tightly wired into my academic affairs at the moment.

So I don't know whether this morning's visit from the black dog is a real appreciation of just how bad things are, a mild bout of depression, or just me being emo. Well, I suppose I can strike the last one, since I do have some real problems here. Nothing to do for it but to keep slogging forward and try to wrap up the reading & writing for Adolescent Psych this week so I have one less thing to worry about.
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What was I waiting for?

Keys' Cafe is one of those places that I've gone by a few zillion times, each time thinking "Y'know, I ought to stop in there one of these days." Well, today was the day - P had grown weary of sandwiches, wary of sushi, and is avoiding all fast food on general principles, so since Peter's Grill closed inexplicably back in July that meant Keys' day had finally come.

It's moved from its old location on the Nicollet Mall into the Foshay Tower, and occupies a large high-ceilinged space on the southwest side of the tower off 9th Street. The place was packed, but P and I found seats immediately at the bar and were soon waited on by the barmaid. We both went for the burgers, and I ordered the onion rings as well. Keys' has an old-fashioned approach to burgers: they offer you the basic burger and offer extras a la carte instead of having eight similar but only slightly different burgers. This makes them look deceptively inexpensive, but if all you want is just meat on a home-made bun, you'll get out of there fairly cheaply. The rings are different than the usual fast-food/institutional sort, apparently being breaded with some sort of cornmeal-based batter; this went well with the Russian dressing provided. Burger itself was okay but nothing special. No room left afterward for their famous pie, which is just as well. P ordered what was essentially a California burger w/o mayo; with drinks and tax the bill came to about $24, though it wouldn't have been quite so bad if I hadn't had the onion rings...but then I would have had pie, and there goes the bill again. Anyway, it's more spendy than Peter's was, and doesn't have nearly as expansive a menu, but on the other hand they're still in business and Peter's isn't.
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