August 27th, 2006


Warning! Warning! Weirdness Buffer Overload!

Or, Fox Helmet Is Saved By The Disco Chickens While Taking Tiger Mountain.
(Starring Buddha Claus Of The Tear-Off Messages and The Happy Robots)

The day began with good weather and occasional irritation: while en route to Kvartira stuckintraffik, I suffered the slings and arrows of ineptitude at the Edina McDonald's, which had succeeded in running out of both coffee and hash browns during the breakfast hours. After this delay, I arrived to find the truck still being loaded, and lent a hand. After the first load was on board I circled back to the apartment and collected phoenixalpha and headed to Chez stuckintraffik, where we assisted with the unloading. Then it was back to the apartment for another load, over to the storage locker with redmartel to drop off paper goods left over from the picnic and speaker stands left over from Detour while acquiring the furniture dolly, and back again to the house where the truck was emptied. S's inlaws (who I'd somehow managed to not meet at the wedding last year) bought lunch for the survivors at Fat Lorenzo's, where Craig (Not Oklahoma) drew Locutus-chan, and with that the moving party was over.
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Tempted to go swimming but I think I may just take my drugs and crap out early. Tomorrow will no doubt be long, dull and boring, not to mention tedious, but at least I'll be well rested for it. @_@