August 26th, 2006

Boss Coffee


Well, that was over way too soon, imao. Granted that a couple of the usual instigators had to go home and pack, but still...tatsmaru took some notes at the very end from me, tjstriker, Eric the Light Guy, Eric the Consuite Guy, and some of the other tech d00ds who were still there, so there will be Improvements and Changes next year. Anyways, there was a short business meeting before the burnination got under way, no surprises from anyone, everything's chugging along, pip-pip tally ho and all that. It was especially good to see geekboyonline and kurai_tsuki since they've had a really crappy week and I had semi-happymaking things to say to both of them. I usually suck at spreading the joy & happiness around, but I guess for once I was able to lighten somebody's loads. A little.

Right now I'm feeling a severe need for some vegetables, so I'm going to go pillage the buffet at the Q. Laters.