August 18th, 2006

Boss Coffee

You know that's all I ever need

Yeah, it's an iPod meme, ganked from Aaron Gleeman, who has apparently hit the big time and gotten a full-time writing gig, God bless him.
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On an unrelated topic, I had almost forgotten that the Stipple-APA collation was tomorrow. Guess I'll have to take some time tonight and/or tomorrow morning to whip out a quick one.

Slept in late this morning after inadvertently tweaking the alarm clock so that it thought 0715 was actually 0615. WTF? Well, the extra sleep did me good, and since P and I were driving in anyway it was no big deal.
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And what a sweet sweet life it is

Finally finished. The assessment came to about nine pages, including the answer key and the rubric, plus I did a cover letter to explain why the whole package is a little over two weeks late. My God, the effort I put into rewriting "It sucked and I had to do it over or kiss my self-respect goodbye" alone should get me a B, but the work alone will have to do. Now I have to get all assholes and elbows on the adolescent psych class, since it's due before the next semester starts...and that's September 5.

Tonight, though, sushi and celebrations - my friend Laura is leaving her thankless position working as an admin to one of the most gigantic sphincters at the Evil Banking Neighbor, and of course thaadd is 29 today! Two reasons to celebrate with the raw fish & rice! So immediately after work it's over to The Drink, where I will not drink, then over to the Ichiban, then to the Fuji-Ya. God knows what'll happen after that, but I'm pretty sure it's not going to include any writing for school or Stipple-APA.

The calorie count continues to go well, bolstered by the fact that I've been avoiding foods that are obviously bad for me. Well, okay, there was that bag of jalapeno potato chips today at lunch, but that was only 300 calories. Whoopty-do. Considering that's only about 10% of my daily calorie limit, I think I'll be okay.