August 13th, 2006


Don't lean on me man, 'cause you can't afford the ticket

Woke at noon today after staying up until 0400 reading Tim Powers' The Anubis Gates. The book melds time travel, high-energy physics, poetry, and magic in a way I haven't seen since the second Tenchi Muyo movie, and yes, Powers is that good. Highly recommended.

Currently rereading John Ringo's Gust Front; will dig into the adolescent psych text tomorrow. No, really!

Went and collected jamestrainor for swimming, but first we gave the Atlantic Buffet another shot. Short version: despite the Coke and encountering jariten there, it still sucks and should be avoided in favor of the New Century, if only for the sushi. The Atlantic needs to fix their leaky roof and fire their sushi chef, among other things, but I don't really care since I ain't going back.

The rain finally let up late this afternoon and we went swimming after phoenixalpha got nothing but frustration at Best Buy and nothing but pure chewing satisfaction at the Box Shop. Yay for secondhand computer shops! The pool was ungodly cold at first but once we were in was actually pretty comfortable. While swimming may have been good for me in general (more exercise being usually a good thing) it left me pretty wiped out and good for nothing the rest of the night, which meant laundry was postponed until Monday night. Now I must go thud.