July 25th, 2006


Wasted time in Sicily

Instead of doing any of the things I needed to do last night, like renewing my FAFSA, working on the lesson plans I need to turn in for Social Studies Methods, or putting surplus medical gear on eBay, I wasted all of last night playing Civ3's Rise of Rome scenario. (It's hard out there for the SPQR.) On the plus side, I only sucked in 2500 calories yesterday, which is less than half of the 5500 FitDay says I'm burning, and that was pretty much average for the week. So I ought to see some weight dropping off this week when I weigh in; we'll see how that goes.

I did manage to register for next term, at least. The only thing that looked even remotely applicable was a course in Reading and Literature Methods. With my luck it'll be a K-5 course.

Got all the paperwork for the Adolescent Psych course on Friday. I'll have to do several short papers (reflections on chapter readings, mostly) and a long essay, but all of it will have to wait until I can get the text on Saturday. I have about a month to thrash on that before the term ends in September. No problem...assuming I lay off the Civicrack and get to work on all this academic stuff.

UPDATE: Well. I wasn't expecting to lose that much weight. Today's weight was 412.4, down 6.8 pounds from last week. I don't expect to lose that much weight every week, obviously, but this is kinda nice. Chances are good I'll be within spitting distance of 410 before Anime Iowa.

UPDATE 2: Again, big big thanks to willow_one, without whose helpful link to FitDay.com I almost certainly wouldn't have lost all this weight. w00t!
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Flinging poop at the Dunbar Number

Cobb's all atwitter over this Christopher Allen fellow, who gave a talk on July 11about social networking software and related topics, particularly the Dunbar number. Cobb interprets this as the cognitive limit to the number of relationships you can maintain. Seems to me I've heard of this before, someplace, and indeed the ever-helpful Wikipedia says they're the same thing.
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