July 18th, 2006

The General

Why? Why not?

While we were waiting for our dinners to arrive on Saturday, jolest asked me, "So why did you start Anime Detour, anyway?" My somewhat flip answer was "Because it needed doing," to which he replied, "Yes, but that's true of a lot of things." His basic assumption seemed to be that without my organizational and leadership skills AD wouldn't have happened, so I guess what he was really asking was "Why did you start Anime Detour?" as opposed to "Why did you start Anime Detour?"
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dead wombat

Process failure

Well, this week was not a good one for the weight - tacked on 3.2 pounds, though admittedly some of that might have been my wallet. (Why can't I remember to take the damn thing out before I step on the scale?) At any rate, I need to go back to tracking food consumption in my journal - haven't been doing that the last couple of weeks, which isn't helping matters. Also need to get out on my breaks and hike around a bit. Do what works, avoid what doesn't. It sounds so simple, doesn't it?
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Capabilities and intentions

I'd been looking for a copy of Charles Stross' Accelerando for a while, especially after reading "Lobsters", the short story that kicks it off, but until this past weekend I hadn't been able to lay hands on a copy at the library or at the B&N. I finished it off yesterday on the bus, and I have to say it's the first novel by Stross I've read that left me cold.
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So, should you avoid the book, then? No. It's adequate brain candy, and as I've said, parts of it are well-written. It's a long way from being Stross' best work, though, and will probably be appreciated most by people who have already drunk the transhumanist Kool-Aid. I'm not one of them, obviously.