July 17th, 2006

Boss Coffee

He don't like the young folks, I know

Pretty busy weekend, despite the heat. Spent a lot of it out and about, surprisingly; lots of things needed to be done and couldn't be put off.

Friday night: long-delayed meeting with Steph for not-sushi (the rest of the staff having gotten their sushi a couple months back) and talk about registration plans for 2007. Went home afterwards and hacked on apazine, discovering in the process that the printer had developed a wide black streak down the midle of the pages. Grrrr.

Saturday: went to Kinko's, printed and copied the zine on Astrobright Red to match the scorching temperatures, and headed to the collation at basilpsyche's place (OK, his mom's place. Whatever.) Pretty fat issue this time with lots of contributors. some of whom (hi, luned!) even showed up! Wooo! Went to dinner with jolest and Jeanne at the recently reopened Town Talk Diner.
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Sunday: picked up jamestrainor for breakfast and swimming. The children have finally reached the point where the hairpulling and poking is now an occasional verbal thing, praise Jesus. We hit Q. Cumbers for the breakfast buffet, went back to the apartment after stopping en route for P to acquire work shoes that didn't kill her feet, and then soaked ourselves in the pool for a couple of hours. I took jamestrainor home after that, hit B&N for fresh reading material (Charles Stross' Accelerando and John Steele Gordon's An Empire of Wealth, taking advantage of a 25% off coupon for the latter) before going home and vegging for a couple of hours. Once it was dark, I packed up all my laundry and headed out to the laundromat, did laundry and read about half of Accelerando, swung by the local Wal-Mart to get stuff we'd forgotten in the Saturday run, and finally got home around midnight. Stayed up until about 0200 reading more Accelerando.

And that was the weekend.