July 15th, 2006


It's a big ol' three column meme!

Ganked from minionofamiee, although others have done this...

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I miss somebody right now. I don't watch much TV these days.  (I never have.) I own lots of books.  (What I need is to find an abandoned library I can park my doublewide next to when I retire.)
I wear glasses or contact lenses.  (I can't imagine how I'd look without glasses at this point.) I love to play video games.  (HALO2, even though I suck at it, rocks my world.) I've tried marijuana.  (Legalize it, mon.)
I've watched porn movies. × I have been the psycho-ex in a past relationship. I believe honesty is usually the best policy.  (The operative word in that sentence being "usually".)
I curse sometimes.  (Not as often as I used to.) × I have changed a lot mentally over the last year. I carry my knife/razor everywhere with me.  (Until the sonic screwdriver comes along, the Swiss Army Knife is my favorite tool.)
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