July 12th, 2006


Midweek linkagery

The return of Pee-Wee Herman, thanks to the Cartoon Network. I think even if nobody in Hollywood wants to greenlight his projects, there's enough of a fanbase to finance a direct-to-DVD production, but that's just me. (Althouse)

Cobb comments on the whole miserable Frisch mess.He also has some things to say about alleged racism in PSP ads, getting shunned at P6, and the ugly long-term implications of the Hamdan decision.

Chris Needham gets existentially depressed about Natsblogging.

Ed Driscoll notes that in some ways, Orwell was remarkably prescient - and he's not talking about 1984. Ed also has a brief comment and many links regarding the Frisch/Goldstein car wreck.

Rachel points us to the McDonald's Scotch Burger, and has the best comment on the whole lefty flag-flying phobia, which Lileks skewers in a fisking of the sad neuter Joel Stein, a fish who evidently hasn't learned yet to stay out of the barrel while bloggers are about with their semi-automatic blogs locked, cocked, and ready to roll.

Last, GVDL meditates upon divorce, hatred and redemption. Your assignment for today: is apathy and indifference the same as hate?
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