July 2nd, 2006

the mark

Not portable any more

The Deskpro is now sitting in a place of dishonor next to the computer desk, awaiting some form of cannibalization that won't happen until August or September. In its place, Cowzilla sits amidst a web of cables, hubs and PS2/USB adapters that allow me to type like normal people do, i.e. without having to double-check my writing to make sure all the "Y"'s are where they belong...and, incidentally, to play Luxor as God intended, using the touchpad much like other people use game console controllers.

So. Didn't swim or do laundry today, instead choosing to waste time on Fandom Wank Jurisimprudence, random surfing, shopping, and rebuilding the US order of battle for the Invasion America scenario I'm building on the bones of somebody else's crappy Operational Art of War scenario. Did a fair amount of shopping and ordered in pizza from Domino's. It's almost to the point where it's too cheap not to.

That's about it...except to note that I managed to post every day in June. I need a life, I think, but I sometimes wonder what I'd do if I actually had one.
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