June 28th, 2006

The General

Half alive or half dead, I just can't tell

No, I'm okay, but I dunno about the Deskpro...went home last night resolved to unplug all the peripherals and set it down next to the desk to await gutting in September, but after I cleared off all the papers and crap I had stacked on top of it I decided to power it up and see what happened. Amazingly enough, it booted cleanly, and ninety minutes of timewasting with Luxor ensued. Based on this wild success, I decided to plug the speakers and Ethernet cable back in. This I then did...and after denying a couple of applications access to the Interwebs, it once again went splat. Hmmm. At least Cowzilla has found its way back to the wireless network after a couple weeks' flailing around failing to connect, so it's not like I'm totally without Internet access at home.

A lot of us on AD staff are pretty unhappy at what's happening to jariten at AI. It's a classic example of an innocent bystander getting hurt because he happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time trying to do the right thing. phoenixalpha is furious and says she's not going this year, and I'm giving serious thought to staying home myself. Yeah, I already paid for my membership, but I usually spend most of my time down there volunteering, and under the circumstances I don't feel right about doing that. The way I see it, volunteering signifies that you support the convention and its staff, and I can't do that with a clear conscience at Anime Iowa this year because of what's been done to jariten.

Well, I don't need to make a decision on it right away, and neither does Detour - I've suggested to stuckintraffik that we might want to reconsider having a room party down there this year, all things considered, and that we might want to bring this up to the Board for possible action. Even if it's just a short note asking "WTF were you thinking?", I think we ought to take formal notice of this. We've learned a lot from Anime Iowa - maybe it's time we did a little schooling in return.

UPDATE: As it turns out, nothing needs to be done. The whole thing with jariten and AI turns out to be a communications problem, and I'm glad it's been resolved to his satisfaction.

The Good, the Bad, and Frank Robinson

Chris Needham had a few things to say about the harsh commentary by Montreal fans on the Nationals' manager, and the mud-brained response by MLB.com pimp reporter Bill Ladson. Needham and I have been very critical of Robinson's managerial tenure for a number of reasons, the main ones being that he has no patience with young players and seems terminally inept at in-game decision making.
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Meanwhile, my fantasy team is still lingering in seventh place, though the sixth-place team is slowly slipping down the standings point by point. At this rate all I need to do is tread water and wait for them to fall past me into seventh place.
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Midweek linkagery

For once, I think the Soviets Russians have the right idea. See also this Jim Dunnigan article for previous Russian responses to Islamic terrorism; scroll down to 1985 and the kidnapped diplomats in Lebanon. (Instapundit)

Josh Trevino examines the parallels between today's Democratic netroots and the John Birch Society. (Instapundit)

No whitewalls for Iraqis. (Rachel)

Let the Cobbapalooza begin, but realize that the most important thing about soccer is not how great the game is but the fact that only people too uncoordinated to play baseball waste their time on it.

Privacy for me, but not for thee. Especially if thy name be Rush Limbaugh. Props to the ACLU for speaking up here. (Malkin)

Iowahawk reveals the first draft of Bill Keller's explanation of why his paper blew the cover of the very type of intel operation they themselves called for. Also, voting for Miss Hoosegow 2006 is underway, and don't miss his history of the Deuce.

I'm out of here.
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