June 25th, 2006

Boss Coffee

Inertia therapy

Well, with the exception of hauling P over to Chez stuckintraffik for Lauren's birthday party I stayed home and mostly horizontal yesterday. Caught up on surveys, dealt with e-mail and played around with The Operational Art of War.

I felt a lot better after sleeping in until 1030, and headed over to the AD staff meeting. Not much going on at this point, of course; some discussion of the Convergence room party and other stuff, but most departments are in a wait state until September and the new fiscal year. I think the post-meeting socializing actually went on for longer than the actual meeting. ^^

Probably do some swimming later and some grocery shopping, since P wants to brown-bag it; am going to try very very hard to get to bed early since I have a fair amount to do at work tomorrow and I don't want to be all feverish and slack-jawed like I was on Friday.
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Amphibious wombat frolic

I think that's the first time I've been swimming in a couple of years, and did it ever feel good. I'm sure my shoulders will probably be aching a little bit later, since I worked them pretty hard, but right now I feel pretty good. The pool's nothing fancy, especially compared to the one at the old apartment in West Bloomington, but that's okay. It's a convenient blue feature with chlorinated water, and that works for me.

I took off my bandages while putting my trunks on and noted that only one of them had any drainage at all, and that was pretty minimal. Still, I left the pressure stockings on anyway since I didn't want to subject anyone else to the oogliness of my legs. (You ladies who are sensitive about your knees, I don't want to hear it. Try having your calves covered with scars, weird shininess, and scaly grossness sometime. Get back to me and let me know how that works for you, mmmkay?) That worked out okay except that the stockings tend to be a little slippery underwater unless I have my full weight on the feet. So I'll have to remember to be careful about that.

Must remember when the weather gets hot and unpleasant (as it surely will these next few months) to drag P down to the pool. It'll do us good - a lot more than sitting grumpily in front of our computers stressing the A/C unit, that's for sure.