June 23rd, 2006

dead wombat


Did a little overdue maintenance on the Deskpro last night: clearing the Firefox cache and flushing its history. That removed Firefox's annoying habit of always taking me to the same post when I hit the link to my LJ friends page and sped up Luxor by an order of magnitude, both of which were good. Prior to this, phoenixalpha and I went over to her storage locker to dig some more of her clothes out of storage. We also headed over to the New Century for dinner, since I was waiting for an Actos refill anyway. I have to say that on balance, the New Century is better than the Atlantic. The sushi is better prepared, and the Mongolian barbeque chef is better at what he does (and doesn't try to slather your food with additional sauces) despite being a member of the Michoacan offshoot of the Mongol horde. ;) All that the New Century would need to be 100% better than the Atlantic would be Coke, but I'm willing to drink ice tea if it means half my Mongolian doesn't wind up left on the grill.

Still feeling tired and washed out this morning, so I expect I'll have to send a few e-mails out to various people regarding this weekend's festivities unless my legs make a dramatic improvement today. (Oddly, my blood sugar has been good all week with no readings above 130 and quite a few below 120.) Depending on how bad I feel Sunday, I may even take a pass on the staff meeting, since P is co-head of Registration and knows as much as I do about what's going on. I'm not Chairman any more, so it's not like my attendance is mandatory.

Work will no doubt be tedious and annoying after I complete the handful of spreadsheets I need to crank out this morning, since I finished the balancing yesterday.

Defensive statistics

If I had brains, I'd be home on sick leave, but since I'm feverish and my brain is simmering slowly in its own juices, I'm here at work mulling over this post by Chris Needham about the sucky defense of our Nats. It's an annoying post, because Chris rips on defensive stats for not providing clear proof of how inept Royce Clayton and Jose Vidro are, when right there in front of him the range factors and zone ratings do exactly that...sigh. Stats are what they are. They count the things that can be counted and are valuable to the extent that you understand the context.
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