June 14th, 2006


Wrong choice

Last night I could have gone to the wake for a former fellow employee who died last week, or I could have walked through the post-mortem notes with stuckintraffik and redmartel. I did the latter, since it's been almost three months since the convention and it really needed doing. Considering how the discussion went, I would have been better off with the corpse.
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Once in a while, when work is slow and the muse is sleeping, I follow links from site to site, and occasionally find something interesting, like this interesting appreciation of Ayn Rand, this less-than-thrilled review of trendy author Douglas Coupland's latest work, and a surprisingly deep and broad examination of The Lord of the Rings and its author which awkwardly yet endearingly blends teenage nostalgia, biography, and philology and religion in an esay that skates along the edge of agonizing, sneering reappraisal that never quite manages to turn its back on what is rather obviously a much-loved trilogy.

I'll have to keep my eye on Miss Turner. The lady can write.