June 9th, 2006


Shelving and other domestic pleasures

Bookshelves assembled: 1
Work done on novel: 1,274 words (better)
Time wasted on Luxor: 1 hour
WW points spent on dinner: 38 (better, still n.g.)
Currently reading: Bernard Cornwell's Sharpe's Havoc (still)

It turned out I didn't need any tools to assemble the bookshelves, since the little bag of parts included a wee Allen wrench for the screws that hold the shelf together and I decided not to bother with the plastic-coated cardboard that poses as a backpiece. Well, if I do ever need a little screwdriver, now I have one. I emptied out two boxes, most of which contained books, and two plastic crates, one of which was promptly refilled with VHS tapes, stray papers, and other stuff I don't care to bother with at the moment. I did pull out whatever CDs I found in the boxes, which led to my discovery of the long lost Century of Warfare CD, which for some reason I'd stuffed into the CD case for Ultravox' Ha! Ha! Ha! album...so all in all the first stage bookcase project was a big win. I may reconsider my fatwa against the infidel Swedes and their rat maze conningly disguised as a furniture store. ;) Meanwhile, further assembly will be postponed until Saturday, since I am being social tonight.

Until yesterday I hadn't bothered to visit the Farmer's Market, which has been open on Nicollet Mall for about a month and a half now. However, hiking back and forth to the Newsroom for a farewell lunch reminded me that we're a bit short on fruits and vegetables around the apartment, so I picked up some bananas, nectarines, and two varieties of tomato - one for phoenixalpha to much like apples and the other for me to slice up on sandwiches. $12 well spent, I think; the prices appeared to be considerably lower than what I've been seeing at Cub, and since I had the truck downtown it was extremely convenient.

I noticed this in passing but didn't think much of it at the time. I remember Eric Gregg from my STATS days; he was oen of the most obese human beings to ever work as a baseball umpire, and it eventually did him in. Aaron Gleeman uses the news as a reminder to folks like me (and him) that you have to do something about the fat; he points to his own weight-loss success as proof that it can be done. And I'm doing it. It's a lot like guerrilla warfare - you have to take it one day at a time and not get too depressed by the occasional failures. The great thing is not to lose your nerve.
Boss Coffee

Back to the ethanol argument

The Wall Street Journal's Numbers Guy takes a look at the arguments about ethanol's viability as an alternate fuel and notes that the studies most critical of ethanol aren't comparing apples to apples. Also, none of the studies take into account recent innovations in ethanol production, including low-heat methods, cogeneration techniques using biofuels, and a shift away from expensive natural gas to cheaper fuels like coal. RTWT. Via Instapundit.