June 8th, 2006

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All the good news is somewhere else

The Nats are doing well, laying the smackdown on the Braves last night behind Ramon Ortiz, picking some good prospects in the draft, and maybe even signing a replacement for the inept Frank Robinson. (Via Capitol Punishment.)

I wish I could say the same about the Twins, who got chumped again last night by Carl Everett's sayonara homer in the 14th with an assist from that inept fucktard Ron Gardenhire, who obviously has no clue how to use his bullpen or when a bunt is appropriate. The front office is similarly moronic, thinking the Brewers would be dumb enough to cough up Billy Hall or Corey Koskie for the putrid remains of Kyle Lohse. (For those of you who came in late, Lohse was sent down to Triple-A Rochester after amassing a craptacular 8.92 ERA, and has $4 million coming to him this year.) In the latter case, though, it could be just Sid Hartman's senile dementia acting up again. At this point, Aaron Gleeman reports that the Twins own the third-worst record in baseball, 25-33,
ahead of only the Devil Rays (24-36) and Royals (14-43). And dating back to last season Gardenhire's boys are now 73-89 over their last 162 games
. Somebody fire this idiot and find a real manager, please! (All links via Aaron Gleeman.)

Meanwhile, Zarqawi has been killed, and the press erupts in cheers. Unfortunately for the reputation of al-Reuters and the rest of the Drive-By Media, that would be the Iraqi press, since the networks were busy reminding us of W's incompetence at this warfighting thing.

Every silver lining has a dark cloud wrapped around it, though, and last night it was Ann Coulter, who managed to stick her foot in her mouth again. She was promptly called out by Hugh Hewitt and Ed Morrissey, among others. If nothing else, this is a useful illustration of how the conservative/libertarian alliance that makes up the GOP tends to police its own ranks and throw those who are obviously unhinged over the side, in contrast to certain other political parties who apparently can't get enough of Michael Moore, Cynthia McKinney, Ted Rall, Ward Churchill...need I go on? (Via Instapundit, who helpfully -if belatedly- suggests to the junior senator from New York "Don't feed the trolls.")
Boss Coffee

Adrift somewhere between Portugal and Okinawa

Bookshelves completed: 0 (but at least I have the tools now)
Work done on novel: 846 words (n.g.)
Time wasted on Luxor: 1 hour
WW points spent on dinner: 43 (estimated, n.g.)
Currently reading: Bernard Cornwell's Sharpe's Havoc

I probably wouldn't be half so cranky this morning had I not stayed up far too late watching the last disc of Azumanga Daioh; as it was, I was up until 0030 watching all but the last episode. It's like crack, I tell you. Anyhow, I wound up sleeping in until 0730 and being half an hour late to work, which I'll make up tomorrow by taking a short lunch.

It gives me a weird feeling watching characters taking vacations on Okinawa. Most of my knowledge of the place comes from the apocalyptic battle there in 1945 and its use as a forward base for American forces involved in the Vietnam War, so it seems a little strange to see high-school students visiting monuments and doing tourist stuff on an island that my memory tells me is one big World War One reenactment.

Wound up going to Q. Cumber's last night, reading Sharpe, eating salad, and if I'd stopped with just the salad and the rolls it would have been okay, but I also went for the pasta and meatballs. Ah, well. Pointwise it was pretty bad, but from a carbs and fats angle, not so much. Got the tools at WalMart since Menard's was closed by the time I finished dinner, and also picked up DVDs of The Last Boy Scout, Last Man Standing and Mortal Kombat. I'm going to regret that last one, I just know it, but then it was only $4.88.