June 7th, 2006

Boss Coffee

Tonight's mission: bookshelves.

Having utterly failed over the last month to assemble the aforementioned shelves, tonight I'm going to swing by Menard's, grab a hammer and a screwdriver (because I have no idea where mine are among all these boxes) and get at least one of these Swedish monstrosities erected and stuffed.

In the meantime, it's been a pretty slow day. Most of it's been spent sitting here, listening to metal, processing the occasional billing file, and trying not to doze off. I did do lunch with a friend of mine who's temping over at Ameriprise, which mostly consisted of me trying to cheer her up since she was busily borrowing trouble over something that had gone wrong there. It wasn't clear to me that it was a fatal error or even her fault, but I guess we'll see how it turns out. In the meantime, we had the Great Steak & Potato Company's Great Steak sandwich. In retrospect, the 12" might have been overkill from the perspective of my diet, but at least I eschewed the french fries, which are so so tasty but so so bad for the diet, even before we bring the ketchup into it.

On a totally unrelated topic, the average daily output for NaNoWriMo is 1667 words. I'm trying to crank out some verbiage for Blood Red Skies on that schedule, and am about halfway through today's daily requirement. I suspect a lot of what I crank out over the next thrity days won't be suitable for the book without a lot of filing and banging on the side, but we'll see.

If clothes make the man, they're doing a pretty lousy job.

I ordered three shirts and three pairs of pants today, since two of my work shirts are really thereadbare and raggy looking and one of them is wearable but shoddy looking thanks to a blown-out button in the front. So in about ten days I should have a new short-sleeved black shirt and a couple of zip-front guayaberas, along with some slacks and a pair of "cell phone pants", not to be confused with the "industrial cargo pants" I was also considering. The pants will be replacing the fairly worthless gray work pants I bought at Casual Male back in December, since those are starting to wear out in the wallet pocket already. (The black Harbor Bay jeans already blew out the pocket months ago, to say nothing of needing the fly button replaced after a mere two months. Cheap bastards.)

This is one of the things I really hate about being as fat as I am. It's pretty much impossible to just go out and get clothes that fit decently and last any amount of time without getting severely assraped or confining yourself to work clothes - which I have nothing against, mind you, but it's not real easy to find those at a reasonable price either. Casual Male has everything in my size, true, but the quality of their Harbor Bay store brand is just atrocious, especially considering that I'm laying out $50 for a pair of pants. Maybe if I hadn't developed the bad habit of wearing the same pants for a week at a time they'd last longer, but I haven't. Dickies and Levis endure that kind of treatment, why doesn't HB, considering it costs twice as much as Dickies? So in a few days I get to find out if Haband's quality has gone downhill in the decade since I last bought anything from them. Hopefully not.

In the meantime, entertain yourself with these videos of a guy eating monkey chow for a week. (Via Instapundit.) I think I'm going to go eat a buttload of salad.