June 4th, 2006

Boss Coffee

More than worth the trip

thaadd wins at BBQ. *nodsnods* I had to eat before I went up there on account of low blood sugar, but I did nibble at the grilled asparagus and (later) did in three ears of corn. vorrant and jimbexleyspeed were there along with a couple of other folks I didn't know when I arrived ~7:15, and we were soon joined by nickiq, Pavel, Stabby, Suit Guy Will (not in a suit on this occasion) who brought more ciders and much beef. Much shop talk about Convergence and this orc movie that Landroval is doing ensued, not to mention grilling, and then 433 showed up with more beers. Didn't go to Ground Zero with thaadd because I was starting to feel tired and still had grocery shopping to do, but it was a great evening and I'm glad I went up there for it.

Already off the rails

Original plan: Get up at 8, go forth and do laundry, rouse phoenixalpha so we could go look into the garage at her old place and see what mjolnier left in the garage, then proceed to the COnvergence staff meeting to (at long last) compare hotel contracts.

Actual sequence of events: Get up at 0830, reset alarm for 0930, make & consume coffee, sit around in a semi-catatonic state surfing the web and playing Luxor until P rouses herself at 1030. More coffee and Luxor ensues, followed by agonizing reappraisal of plans. Laundry may get punted until evening.
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