June 3rd, 2006

Boss Coffee

Sleep, beautiful sleep

Bookshelves erected: 0
Work done on novel: More background stuff worked on. I now have a disturbing mental image of the Imperial sector governor watching hordes of crappy TTL9 & 10 spaceships fly by overhead while he cackles "Fly, my pretties!"
Time wasted on FARK.com: 30 minutes (good)
Time wasted on Fandom_Wank: 1 hour (bad)
Time spent APAhacking: 5 hours (late, but good)
WW points spent on dinner: 20 (better, still not good)

I suppose I should have gotten a jump on my apahacking at work, since it was so desperately slow today, but instead I worked on background for BRS. Still, I managed to crank out two disties worth of mailing comments and a whole mess of natter, which means I only have to do the most recent disty's comments. I'd feel a lot more virtuous if I hadn't waited until the day before the collation to get started. Well, I better finish my coffee and get cracking.

1240 Update: Finished the apazine. Now to shower, dress, get copying done, and grab some lunch en route to the collation - I have to show up early at the library to take care of paperwork and check out a couple of books they've had shipped in from other branches for me.

Random questions from an old friend

Via e-mail from mamasaanan
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In other news, the collation went well. I managed to get my copying done, pick up a quick lunch at Wendy's, and make it to the library in time to sign out the room and get a table set up before jolest and Jeanne got there, and we sat around for a while finishing our lunches and chatting before getting down to business and setting things up. Most of the new people showed up, including luned, who it was good to finally meet in person. Kind of neat to see the old APA picking up members again, and here's hoping they all stick around a while.

Not sure what I'm going to do tonight - sort of tempted to wander up to thaadd's place, hang out and chat, not so much interested in doing the BBQ thing. On the other hand I'm feeling a strong urge to stay home, hack on the background for BRS, and maybe do some actual writing. We'll see what happens and write it up tomorrow. ^_^