June 2nd, 2006


Live at the Atlantic, dead at the Dome

Bookshelves assembled: 0
Work done on novel: Consolidated various stray chunks into the main text, page count now at 65. Some background work also done. (good, needs to continue)
Time wasted on FARK.com: About 2 hours (bad)
Time spent apahacking: 0
WW points blown on dinner: Way, way too many (v.v. bad)
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Currently reading: Kyoko Mori's Polite Lies. Kinda depressing, and I may lay it aside until I need it as a reference.
This weekend I'm hosting a Stipple collation at the Penn-Lake Library, starting at 2 PM. APAhackers wanted! ^_^
Nothing else on the agenda; maybe I'll finally get the damn bookshelves assembled and stuffed.