May 31st, 2006


Alternate routes

I was running late this morning and decided to go ahead and drive in. Unfortunately, traffic was really screwed up on 35W, so instead of sitting in traffic I elected to make a move - got off at Diamond Lake, followed Second Avenue down to the parkway and then headed north on Park. Until I hit more construction on Lake Street, I was doing okay, but I stupidly backtracked to 4th before getting back on Park at 28th, and so I was 20 minutes late. Boss was a little cranky on account of not feeling well (and in fact she left at 11 AM) but she accepted a short lunch as penance for tardiness.

Not that there's a whole lot going on today anyway. Once I finished the monthly memo that tells people when to have their stuff in to us, that was pretty much it for the work of the day. I've fielded a few research requests, taken a few phone calls, and spent the rest of the day surfing the net or working on the background for Blood Red Skies. Fortunately a lot of that looks as if I'm actually doing work-related stuff, since the ship design templates are all on Excel spreadsheets.
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