May 25th, 2006


And the horse you rode in on, too

Looks like W's not the only one having to deal with a hostile press. Canadian PM Stephen Harper has basically told the Ottawa press corps to fuck off after dealing with non-stop bitchiness since taking office. If you want to root around in the Tory parts of the Canadian blogosphere you could probably find still more examples dating back to the Preston Manning/Reform Party days, but it just goes to show that this nonsense about an "objective" press isn't just an American problem, or an Australian one for that matter as you can see on a regular basis at Tim Blair's blog.
Boss Coffee

Punk rock and fast cars

I actually noticed Michele's new blog after someone had mentioned to me that she'd recently updated the now-defunct A Small Victory after a few months offline. Professor Althouse also picked up on it yesterday, which surprised me a little since she struck me as more of a Beatles & Dylan kind of gal. Shows you what I know, I guess. Then again, not too many people would guess that I have some Ramones and Sex Pistols in my music collection either.