May 22nd, 2006


setting up the scaffolding

Today has dragged on for several geological eras already, mainly because I slept in until 4 PM on Sunday and thoroughly screwed up my sleep schedule. This led to an involuntary all-nighter, during which the only thing I really accomplished was watching all but the last three episodes of Angelic Layer. At this point, I can say with total conviction: Shuko , YOU SUCK.

Before giving up and watching anime, I did skim through some of the background material I've put together for Blood Red Skies as well as the new GURPS Traveller sourcebook, Interstellar Wars, which covers the same period as the old GDW boardgame Imperium.
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Well...tonight is not going to be the night I get started on that project anyway, since I need to get the bookshelves set up and some boxes unpacked so I can find where my copy of Trillion Credit Squadron went to, since that's an essential part of the plan. It strikes me that trying to assemble bookshelves in my present sleep-deprived state is a BAD idea, so I'll have at it tomorrow.