May 21st, 2006

dead wombat

Someday I'm going to learn to take better care of myself...

...but I guess yesterday wasn't the day. I dashed around all morning getting things done and finally got to huladavid's party around 1. We sat around chatting and watching Chris & Sue's dogs for about an hour and then I had to head out to meet up wioth Alan and stuckintraffik for the drive down to the wedding. All this while popping Dayquils and swilling water.

The wedding was interesting. Never been to a Baptist wedding before (much less a Yankee Baptist* wedding) and 'twas fascinating to note how unstructured it was compared to a Catholic wedding mass or even a solemnization of vows. Basically, it was about 20 minutes of the preacher quoting Scripture at the couple, exchanges of vows and rings, lighting of the unity candle, and that was it. Getting to the Eagles Club for the reception afterwards was a bit of an adventure - we wound up driving along two sides of a triangle, across the northern edge of Rochester and then down through the Mayo Clinic before finding the place. The reception was good, although what possessed the DJ to play Frankie Goes To Hollywood's "Relax" is beyond me. We stayed for the first couple of dances (no, I didn't) and then headed back for Minneapolis.

We hung out for a little bit at chez stuckintraffik and he showed me the trailer for Halo 3. Holy crap. This ought to be one hell of a story wrapped up in one hell of a game, well worth buying the XBox 360 for.

But today...lots of hot tea and being horizontal. Hopefully whatever this is will soon depart and not aggravate my legs. We'll see.

*I could tell they were Yankee Baptists because there was dancing and drinking at the reception. I kept expecting a card game to break out at any time. ^^
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lost in the stacks

The thing about Wikipedia is that it lends itself to link-chasing. You start out looking for information on something, and the article on that subject (which didn't really tell you what you wanted to know) links to this and this until one finally arrives at Severed Heads and X Marks the Pedwalk, at which point I finally found something I recognized...but at that point, how descriptive is it, really, of the thing I started looking at?

All this started with Alan pointing me to the Industrial Music site by way of finding out what bands I was into, which was a frustrating experience for both of us since most of the electronica and dance music I've heard has been free of identifying pauses by DJs (aaarrrggghhhh!) so I often don't know who's responsible for what I'm enjoying. Frustrating. Well, I'll keep thrashing around trying to figure out what this stuff is called that I like and who the people are that are mixing it. Like, for example, Scooter.