May 19th, 2006


Doktor, meine augen!

Got the glazzies checked out last night at Lenscrafters, complete with the agonizing dilation of the pupils. The doc is indeed a true master; she managed to dial the agonizer back so that the drive home in the overcast and subsequent bleary gazing at the Deskpro were just mildly achy as opposed to excruciatingly painful, which has been the default value. Also good was that the nearsightedness has improved slightly; not so good was that the astigmatism hasn't, and there are some disturbing portents of glaucoma. So, since I need to replace the missing sunglasses anyway, I'll be getting some new bifocals as well, which will be fitted to my existing frames - a feat which Pearle maintained was unpossible. Fie on thee and thy falseness, Pearle! Total damages after discounts and insurance is $300 for both, which is one heck of a bargain, considering the strength of my prescription. (Suffice it to say that if plastics weren't available I'd have to have the lenses implanted in my skull since the weight would land them there anyway.) After that it was home from the Sprawl to a dinner of sandwiches and an obdurate refusal to leave home, since the eyes were achy and I was tired.

Today, after an almost-full night of sleep I feel pretty good. A 50/50 mix of Caribou's Mocha Java with Guatemala goes very nicely with the Baja Sol breakfast burrito, and I've done my little bit for the VFW besides. It's that time of year again, so pick up a Buddy Poppy and take a minute to read "In Flanders Fields", which is at the root of the whole poppy thing. It's a little thing, but a lot of little things add up to a rather large pile of good deeds for those who need them.

This looks to be a busy weekend. Erick the Light Guy is getting married on Saturday down Rochester way; Alan, stuckintraffik and I are carpooling down there for the festivities. Then on Sunday [lj user tag intentionally omitted] is celebrating his 50th birthday! w00t!* Somewhere amidst all this fun and chaos I need to do laundry, assemble a bookshelf or two, and maybe do a little grocery shopping.

*No, dammit, I was wrong, he's partying on Saturday. Damn.

Your moment of "awww..."

“I’ll be down the hall,” I said. “I’ll close my door so the typing doesn’t keep you awake.”

“No,” said a sleepy voice. “The typing makes me feel safe.”

It's almost too cute. It makes you want to freeze her in carbonite so her father is spared having to chronicle her metamorphosis into a whiny, self-centered teenager. At the risk of jinxing them, though, I have the feeling that she's going to grow up just fine; meanwhile, it's fun to watch.

What? M****** is having a birthday too? I need to find out where he's at so I can drop by and congratulate him, somewhere between picking up a sport coat for tomorrow (preferably black, the festive color of our tribe), picking up my new sunglasses which are -amazingly- already done, and...there's something else I need to do tonight, but I can't recall what it is at the moment. Well, either it'll come to me or it won't. *shrug*