May 18th, 2006


Tako wa ageru, mitame ga kirai.

So I managed to walk from work to the Ichiban for sushi last night, without too much prodding from phoenixalpha. pkat showed up after all, and although redmartel hadn't planned on it, we made him sit down with us and introduced him to sushi, which he hadn't had before. No idea what happened to cthuljew and piman; pkat was amazed that they'd willingly passed on a shot at free sushi (as was I) but what can you say? The company was pleasant, the rolls and tuna and salmon were excellent, and the omelet very nice. We managed to avoid shop talk about the convention, even! (Well, most of the time.)

Then I walked over to 12th & 3rd, caught the 535 out to the P&R, and almost slept through my stop. I was too ragged out to even think about going out to refill prescriptions and was in bed by 8:30, sleeping through to 6:30 this morning. I think the cold is finally letting go, but it's hard to say.

Tonight, I'm getting an eye exam and a replacement set of sunglasses (single-vision this time) and 'm also going to get the prescriptions refilled. Letting those slide is a very, very bad idea. Think I'll probably crash early tonight as well, but we'll see.
Boss Coffee

A time for wireheads?

Ideas and theories don't always fall into a true/false, accepted/rejected situation. Sometimes they just linger on, overlooked by society at large as being interesting, perhaps, but not of much use to the average person. Other times, I suspect that what happens is that the idea or method becomes "contaminated" with its associated notions or is set aside because too many people in the field have too much invested in whatever the consensus might be. Alternatively, the idea may pertain to a problem in society that people would prefer not to deal with, and so (if it conflicts with the consensus) the idea gets shelved or pushed off into the shadows.

One of those ideas is one referred to by Tom Wolfe in his Jefferson Lecture. Do a search for "Jose Delgado" in the text and start reading, and when you're done start thinking about the implications that idea has for free will. Other people clearly have, and while some of it seems to verge on tinfoil hat territory, still, it makes you wonder. If your personality is shaped so strongly by those around you, then what of free will?
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