April 30th, 2006

Boss Coffee

It's sort of like Venus out there...

...the way it was before the scientists ruined it: wet, swampy and constantly raining. It's been pretty much a wasted day for me, spent lounging around reading The Mystery of Olga Chekhova, playing Civicrack and ripping tunes off some CDs that I plan on copying to the Carbon after I clear away all the Paul Whiteman stuff.

Been pretty good about using the support stockings this weekend, less so about maintaining the food diary, but I'll catch up on that tomorrow morning. Never did find the prednisone, but the itching is diminishing on its own, so it's all good. I'd call it a night except that phoenixalpha is out killing chickens, retrieving bookcases, and generally wrapping up unfinished business at the duplex so she can turn in her keys to the landlord and maybe, just maybe, get the deposit back.