April 26th, 2006

Boss Coffee

From Southtown to the stars

Well, I tried the new McDonald's premium coffee with the McMuffin this morning, and can truthfully say that it's not as awful as the Maxwell House they used to serve. It's nothing special, though - no better coffee than you could get at SA, Holiday, or any other fast food joint. By the same token, SA is now offering free chili and cheese extrusions for their hot dogs. These are worth what you're paying for them; they remind me of the stuff Hormel used to put in their stuffed hot dogs a few years back, except that the chili is more spicy and chunky this time around.

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I'm on my second day of the prednisone, and the rash from the hives is diminishing. They're still a tad itchy, though. Stopped taking the amoxicillin last night - hopefully after eight days of that, whatever bacteria were making my life miserable have been cut down to the point where the white cells can deal with them unassisted.

And now for some administrivia. I've never banned anyone from this LJ before, because doing so would force me to make it friends-locked and I have friends who don't have LJs that probably wouldn't get them even if I did lock up. So since I want to leave the LJ open, I kicked animaltofriends off the friends list and banned her from commenting as a pre-emptive measure, because I really don't care to see her comments on my LJ. You'd think after being told several times since the separation that I want as little to do with her as possible that she'd get the message and quit trying to be my friend, but I guess some people just can't get their mind right. So, enjoy your LJ experience, animaltofriends, but leave me out of it.

Looks about right to me

This chart indicates that when you adjust for inflation, high-test (93 octane) costs about the same now as it did in late 1979, which is to say about a buck in 1979 dollars. As Nick Schulz says in Forbes, maybe that's why most people don't seem to be changing their plans despite the high prices, which are about $2.85/gallon for regular in my end of the metro.

Back in the day, I was paying about $0.97/gallon for 95-octane premium, at a time when I was making $3.50/hour scooping ice cream and stocking shelves. So paying $2.85/gallon for unleaded when I'm making $17/hour isn't as much fun as paying $2.25/gallon, but it's a long way from the $4.71/gallon if prices had risen with my pay.

On a completely unrelated topic, since tokenfanboy has closed his comments I guess I'll have to explain things to him here. Nobody on the new board is trying to tell the new chairman what he ought to do regarding the membership fees. He's not inclined to make changes, but he expressed an interest in hearing reasons why we should. As head of Registration, I think I'm entitled to an opinion; as ATC Secretary, maybe not so much, and the same is true for the other people currently on the core list. We're all affected by the membership numbers, and changes in the fee structure have an effect on those numbers. If the chairman wants to change the fees, of course I'd like that; if he doesn't, it's his decision and I'd support it.
Boss Coffee

More songs about demand curves and fuel

As a follow-up to this rant on the current political stupidity regarding gasoline prices, King Banaian has an extensive discussion of the political reax from both parties and a link to a discouraging Craig Westover comparison of the energy policies of Senate candidates Amy Klobuchar (DFL) and Mark Kennedy (R). Bonus: a quote from a noted European Socialist leader about wage, price and other economic controls.