April 17th, 2006

dead wombat

"Sick, lame, and lazy, fall out."

I wasn't expecting any good news when I went to see the doctor this morning, so I wasn't disappointed.

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So this should be a week with a lot of laying around and sleeping in it, despite the hotel meeting on Wednesday and the ATC annual meeting/AD post-mortem on Sunday. I do have to help phoenixalpha with her taxes tonight, but that shouldn't take too long. As for me, I'm going to take another stab at mine, but I think I'm going to have to file late and make payment arrangements, since I'm in no position to pay $1200 at the moment, and that's a best case. Argh.

One good thing about going to the doctor's first thing in the morning is being able to hit Hardee's for breakfast. I don't do it often, because the biscuits are most definitely several kinds of bad for me, but once in a while it's kind of nice to get an omelet biscuit and a sausage & egg biscuit and just revel in the completely sinful yumminess. This morning I indulged in their steak & egg burrito, which is actually pretty good although not at all spicy. The steak chunks are tender and flavorful, the egg and cheese and sour cream cmibine nicely, and the tortilla is soft and durable, holding everything in its fluffy capaciousness. Lunch today will be postponed until mid-afternoon (say, 3 PM) as a result.

While we're on the topic of things that are bad for me, I watched The Matrix Revolutions last night, fast-forwarding through all the stupefying Council of Zion scenes so that the movie was a much more enjoyable 120 minutes of mayhem only occasionally interrupted by arcane eschatological psuedo-philosophical jibber-jabber and one romantic death scene. Yes, I know some of you hate this movie with a passion, but for me it's just a ten-dollar box of eye candy that I can munch on over and over again. Mmmmm, candy.