April 16th, 2006


Busy weekend

Well...missed posting yesterday for the first time in a while, but at least it was for good reasons and not just because I was out having fun. Mostly. Yesterday morning I went over to retrieve phoenixalpha from stuckintraffik's place so we could all take care of the bed moving errand before the Volunteer Party. Said errand involved driving over to St. Paul so we could borrow polyranger's truck, which he'd graciously offered earlier in the week, moving the mattress and some other stuff (including bedding) downstairs and into the truck, and schlepping it over to my apartment. This was all done and the truck returned by about 2 PM, at which point phoenixalpha and I settled into the ugly job of clearing out part of my front room so we'd have somewhere to plop her mattress. (The box spring was abandoned at the duplex and will probably be thrown out into the alley, since it's been shredded by one of her cats.) The clearing was actually long overdue and led to three bags of trash and a couple of boxes being chucked out, so it was a good thing.

We then went to the volunteer party, which was mildly awkward since neither she nor I wanted much to do with mjolnier or his new GF, but it was a good time nonetheless. I finally got to see the WTF contest DVD and agree that "Enormous Penis" was the obvious winner and obviously also not suitable for minors. Way, way too Freudian. ^_^ Lots of conversation with lots of staff members and volunteers new and old, somewhat prudent munching, lots of Diet Coke swilling. Got home late, got the cable modem and router reinstalled, and went to bed.

Easter morning we got up, went over to the duplex to get more stuff, went home to retrieve laundry and then headed over to hit the Washouse, since we had enough dirty clothes for three washers and wanted to get it over with. Which we did, following the laundry with an early dinner at Mystic Lake. On the agenda for tonight: sloth, indolence and an early bedtime, I think.