April 12th, 2006


You have twenty minutes to clear the apartment.

Last night started off well - my masseuse did wonders for my back and shoulders, worked the lymph nodes in my legs (it hurt so good) and in general made me feel, if not like a whole new man, then at least like a factory-reconditioned man. ^_^

We also talked about the downtown crime situation, and I strongly advised her to take a carry class and get herself something small and deadly...like a Makarov. She grew up in a family of hunters, so she's not a complete n00b about gun safety, but like most civilian women I've known she's not keen on the idea of being armed & dangerous to criminals, despite having been mugged about seven years back.
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Fortunately, there is coffee and enough work to keep me busy. Tonight, however, I am thinking the early bedtime will be required.
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They're singing my song, Ma.

I was expecting my blood sugar to go down somewhat, six hours after I ate lunch, but it's just a hair down into the orange zone at 199 and I have the horrible feeling that tomorrow when I get to work there's going to be a little sandwich baggie on my desk with all the meds I was supposed to take this morning and didn't.

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Well, enough with the pity party.Time to go to bed without dinner, since I apparently need it like another hole in my head. Futons, shelving, single-vision sunglasses and overdue library books can wait for tomorrow.
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