April 10th, 2006

dead wombat

ugh, Monday

Still feeling achy and sore this morning so I called in sick and am going back to bed for a few hours. After that I'll need to haul in the printer from the truck and then buckle down and crank out the assessment homework before I head downtown to class and the final exam. Dayquils to be used as needed.
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Boss Coffee

Yeah, I figger I whupped it.

The problem with drugs is that while they make you feel better, everyone else can tell you're still sick and should have stayed in bed. Hopefully I was coherent enough in my answers to the various essay questions I attempted on the final exam; what I was writing seemed to make sense, but then I was wasted on DayQuils and Tylenol, so what the hell do I know? For a bonus, I also pulled the alternative assessment plan out of my ass this afternoon before heading in to take the final (2 hours late) and turned in the midterm quiz along with the final. There was nothing I could do about the test questions that were due last week, but I'm confident enough about the other stuff to be sure that won't drop my grade to a C. So hopefully after three times through the assessment course I'm done with it, unless of course I was too wasted to write clearly and coherently...no, we will not even consider such an unfortunate possibility.

After that there was nothing to do but swing by Chipotle and consume the most red-mad barbacoa burrito I could stomach, washed down by a Negra Modelo*. So I did. Then, since Best Buy was closed, I went to the Wal-Mart and procured some Stones, because I badly wanted to hear "It's Only Rock 'N Roll". So I did. Now I am home listening to Mick Jagger and the lads. There are worse ways to end the night.

*Yeah, one Negra Modelo. I'm a real cheap date these days, what with all the meds making my liver work 36 hours a day...
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