April 2nd, 2006

Boss Coffee

The trivia contest and everything after

Never did do laundry yesterday, but I did take jamestrainor out to lunch at the New Century. We agreed not to talk about the current unpleasantness between phoenixalpha and their mother since it was something neither one of us could really do anything constructive about, which meant we could spend the time talking about more pleasant things like AD, 4chan, and stuff like that. After that I went home, stuck my legs in the cuff for an hour and rapidly became bored with Civicrack...433 had left a voice mail message for me inviting me to throw a team together at the last minute for the MISFITS Trivia Contest, and failing that to just show up for the entertainment. Which I did, and enjoyed myself thoroughly. Saw most of the CO\Nnvergence people I knew there, either working as contest staff or in the audience; talked briefly with qob, 433 and others in between breaks. I was pretty croggled by the contest - it required a depth of SF knowledge I definitely don't have, and I don't think my reflexes are good enough any more to get me through the Jeopardy round if a team had been relying on me. Well, maybe next year we'll see - apparently they had trouble scraping up eight teams for the competition.

Afterwards I tagged along to the Uptown Diner with petsnakereggie, moneygod, chebutykin, cajones,michaellee, frozendragon, weasel_king, and jklumpp as well as Kelvin; much SMOFfing ensued along with tasty food (hash browns a little underdone, but not intolerably so) and more Dr. Who information than you could shake a stick at, which gave me a chance to eat instead of talk. ^^ As a late-night option, the Uptown Diner is definitely worth choosing over Perkins or Denny's, fond as I am of the latter.

All this late-night fun meant that I didn't get home until almost 2 PM what with a stop for gas, which magically turned into 3 since it's that damn time of the year again, and once more I was awake and lost the time. Grrr. On the other hand, I did catch the Root of All Evil and even joined the Evil Club, pledging $6.66/month for the next 12 months and receiving a Helmet CD as a premium. Yay! On the gripping hand, I forgot to bring in my laundry bag and detergent in from the truck, not that it mattered since I rejected the early wakeup and slept through until 1330 or so. I do need to go out and pick up some medications, and will probably put off laundry until Tuesday since I do have clean shirts for work.

Finished Beowulf's Children Friday and Jack Vance's Galactic Effectuator yesterday.

I don't believe it either.

Ganked from onsenmark, who is croggled at his results:

wombat_socho's LiveJournal popularity rating is 3.11/10.
wombat_socho is more popular than 91.3% of all LiveJournal users.
wombat_socho is more popular than 56.4% of their mutual friends.

How popular are you?
LJ Popularity created by thehumangame.

I figure we both must have a lot of low-hit people in our f-lists; me, I have those insanely popular party animals gohanvox, danae, 433 and chebutykin leading off my list, which Is why I'm back in the pack a ways. Which is okay; I didn't start this LJ to take over the world.

In other news, the early draft of my 1040A says Uncle Sam owes me a lot of money and I need to pass a Jackson on to Governator Jr. Then again, I couldn't find the 1099-B that Wells sent me when I liquidated my options last year, so I'm pretty sure that part of the return is screwed up, needs to be redone, and is going to cost me money. Now to go get me some metformin.
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