April 1st, 2006


Spring lurking underneath the overcast

Such great plans for today, laid waste by inertia or other people having family stuff to deal with...but the laundry is my own fault, and that's all there is to say about that. I got up at 9 AM with plenty of time to deal with it, but just kind of hung out in front of the computer as the minutes dripped away.

Well, I'll be meeting up with jamestrainor for lunch today, partially so's I can get his watch back to him; it wound up in the AD lost and found and has been sitting on my counter beeping at me for the last few days. After that, I dunno...maybe I'll go to the Trivia Contest, maybe not. Lord knows I could stand to hang around the apartment and do some cleaning.
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the mark

Same as he ever was

Anyone who's seen Jack Black as Tenacious D will be completely unsurprised by his portrayal of Reed Richards-shtick-a-like Jack Austin in the pilot for Heat Vision & Jack, an utterly goofy send-up of the whole "hero fleeing from the evil government agency" genre. In this case the nemesis is Ron Silver, playing himself, as a superhuman villain in the employ of NASA, which wants the former astronaut back...or at least his solar-enhanced brain. Fox sat on this pilot for seven years, but it's finally loose on Viral Video. Can Original Video Asininity be far behind?

via Colby Cosh.