March 31st, 2006

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Allah is in the House...

...of Michelle Malkin (PBUH). The Munificent and Benevolent One holds down the fort while Michelle and her family take a well-deserved vacation. Lots of posts on the GWOT, the ongoing immigration flap, and miscellaneous idiocy; start at the link above and keep scrolling up.
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The General

Now it can be told

People asked where the theme for this year's AD came from, and while I don't think the explanation is particularly relevant at this point (hey, who cares, it generated a great T-shirt and program book cover, didn't it?) I guess for the record I ought to put the explanation down somewhere.

Basically, it's a spin on the famous confrontation between Tom Cruise and Jack Nicholson in A Few Good Men, which I actually haven't seen, not that it matters. It just popped into my head last year when we were talking about themes, and I went with it. Nobody was too outraged, so there it was.

Eventually, of course, this came to mind.

Collapse )

Yeah, I suppose we could have done this up as an amusing skit for Opening Ceremonies, but as stuckintraffik so memorably said during our actual opening:

"You know all those other conventions that do the fancy skits with the music and the light shows-"
(The lights flash momentarily in a fancy disco-like pattern. He looks up, clearly irritated, and they stop.)
"-and all that kind of stuff? Well - we don't do that."
(He unplugs the extension cord he's holding in his hands, and the stage goes dark again.)

Yup. That's the way it was.
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Another reason I'm glad Minicon is off my calendar

So after all the lovely family drama earlier this week the ex calls me to find out what's going on, since the daughter will tell her nothing and her fiance won't even talk to her at all, and after about two minutes of largely wasted time she finally gets around to accusing me of poisoning the fiance's mind against her. Not only that, she throws in as a free bonus the accusation that he is influencing the daughter against her, and flings a little more (aged) poo on behalf of her new husband. So according to her this is basically All My Fault.

Ooookay. You believe whatever you want to, and I'll just stay over here where I don't have to deal with you on an ongoing basis. I'm sure we'll both be happier that way. Well, I will. I can't say I care much whether you are or not.
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